Hello There,

First of all I want to say that I am very excited as this is my first post. I hope this will become beginning of a great journey…

Now let’s get to the topic;

Stay Safe havent been released on Google Play store yet BUT I did upload the entire source code on GitHub for people to check or use how ever they wish, as long as they keep their code open to everyone else too! 

Now what is Stay Safe App many people may ask,

Stay Safe is an application which sends sms to the people at your emergency contact list that you pre-define during a setup process. What are the conditions for declaring emergency? User needs to set up a timer length and a pin, if the timer is not set up by user, app uses 10 minutes as default. When user activates timer process each time they enter their pin timer resets to default. When they dont reset the timer via entering their pin app declares emergency status and sends a sms to everyone on your emergency contact list including your gps coordinates and a google map link which shows your location. 

Purpose behind this app is very simple. Maybe you are in a taxi and dont trust the driver or maybe you are walking to home late at night. With the increase of kidnapping and violence news on TV I just felt the need to do an application like this.

When I am going to release the app on market?

First of all, even though the frame work and the code I am using is %100 cross platform the app can’t be released on IOS platform due to permission issues. IOS simply doesn’t let you track GPS coords and send SMS at background. It’s simply out of question for them. While I can easily find a work-around for GPS tracking there is simply no work-around for sending sms in background. I need to clarify that without being able to send SMS at background app simply wont work. App must be able to send SMS without user interaction, how can a person approve to send a sms while they are kidnapped? Or under violence? It’s just impossible…

For those reasons sadly I wont be releasing on IOS. Oh, also I need to clarify that app is %100 free as this is a personal project of mine and a project that I am doing just because I feel like I need to stand up for something. It would be thousands time better if I could release on IOS too but sadly the operating system just wont allow it due to its permission systems.


Hope to see you all at my next post! Stay Safe!!



GitHub Link